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Be kinder to yourself!!

I wanted to share this from my insincase anyone needed to hear this today !!..


I’m putting this up today ,As I’m needing it myself but wanted to share how I feel .

I’ve said many times that this journey is definitely a rollercoaster.

And it can play with our emotions in so many ways ...

Well I had a celebration week as you know .. and I let myself indulge a wee bit , I took my foot off the peddle .. and I’ve woken up and I briefly felt disappointed in myself!( just to point out that at my age and time off the month .. my hormones can have a negative effect as well !!)

BUT .. You can have times .. that you feel nothing has changed .. you feel low.

it happens to us all ,

you are definitely NOT ALONE!

But the most important thing is I realised how absolutely absurd I was being !


I know that I have done well .. and that my health has improved MASSIVELY!!..

But ,we have to be kinder to ourselves.. our journey is not just about weightloss it’s also a mental challenge aswell .. we have to remember that

Staying positive through the good times and the bad is all pert of the journey! But We can do it !!!


I’m over 10st down and feeling proud and lucky to have the support on here , at the moment the 1bs can go up & down , but it will get moving again I know

I’ve also got to tone up and get my bum moving again , but I will

It could take a while .. as there does seem to be a lot more curveballs being thrown at the moment!, but I’ve accepted that I’m a work in progress,And definitely feeling happier and healthier everyday !And to remember .

Don’t ever give up

And as I always say.. if your having a down day .. don’t let it turn into a bad week

Look back to see how far you have come


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