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Bbq food ...

Today I had a home Turk chilli burger..

low carb and calorie and very tasty !!

Dinner time ...

Homemade Turkey chilli Burger in a homemade low carb burger bun .. tasty !!!

Well it had to be a Burger on the BBQ today , the Hubster wanted one ...

I didn’t want to say no ... So I had a healthier one !...

Homemade Turkey chilli burger

I just mixed up some lean 2% fat Turkey mince ( 100g 2% fat Turkey mince 114 calories & 0.2g carbs ) with some paprika and chilli , measured them out into 100g balls & made them into burger patties .. bbq’d them & had them on a homemade low carb burger bun with a slice of low fat cheese & salad with some @skinnyfoodco @fakeawayfoodco sauces !!

( recipe for protein bread in highlights under protein bread .. I just put them in bun form instead of a loaf tin .. and I sprinkled bagel seasoning on top ! ) )

Very very yum !!

if you want to see it on my Instagram


And the bread recipe is here ...


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