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Banana pancake bites

You can use any panCake mix but I use Exante

Little banana pancake bites ( for my first & second meal of the day as I’m running so late !)

I add the banana & yogurt to these , to have as a 400 calorie meal if I’m ever wanting a late #breakfast

…which is today !! ( I’m running behind and need 400 calories!)

Whoo hoo !!!!!

So , if like me , and your ever needing a double one ( because I’m behind !🤪) .... it’s a tasty one to have .. u can just add your calories to the pack and hack it like this , and , I got to say , as your cooking them like stuffed pancakes…the banana goes all gooey 🤤🤪😘🙌🙌..!

So , if you want them … you just Mix pancake mix as it says on pack ( I mix mine with sparkling water to give it some extra fluffy-ness ..

Then chop a banana into slices , dip in mixture and cook on both sides in a pan ..( medium heat ) ..if you have mixture leftover, then just top the banana bites again writhe some and flip and cook a bit more ..

Serve , Then munch .. ( I added some 0% @fage_uk yogurt mixed with some @exantediet vanilla flavour drops to mine !!!


Really , really tasty !!

And an extra protein hit !

Hope your having a great day !?..

Remember my code


Is always here if you ever want to use !


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