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Banana, chocolate s’mores mug cake

…… ( Exante packhack) but you could use any shake you wish ..

All I can say is yum

Banana & chocolate S’mores microwave cake …

➡️➡️swipe for yum !

I went home for a late breakfast/ early lunch , needed something quick and I wanted something squidgy.. it’s been one of those mornings! 😜😂..

But wanted to be good …

So …

I made a @exantediet @skinnyfoodco chocolate & banana s’mores mug cake ..

It was really good !!

10g @mornflake oatbran (36 calories & 4.7g carbs )

1/2 packet @exantediet chocolate shake (101 calories & 8g carbs )

1/2 Tsp baking powder

1x medium egg (66 calories)

5g @sainsburys @freeist_sugar_free mini no added sugar marshmallows ( 10 calories & 4g carbs )

5g @skinnyfoodco hazelnut & banana duo spread ( 26 calories & 2.7g carbs )

So it was 239 calories & 19.4g carbs in total ..

And it took 90 seconds to cook !!

I mixed everything in a microwaveable mug ( use a big ish one incase it spills over as they can ! .. believe me !! 😂😂…

Put Ito microwave for 90 seconds.. but the trick is to stop it every 30 seconds ish to check , so you dont over cook !

Take it out when it’s fully raised and slightly shiny look ( wet ) on top ) …

I’m off out again and working late ..

hope everyone is having a great weekend!..

I’ll pop this with my other mug cakes in my highlights On my Instagram.. there are hundreds in my guides on there , so if you follow me on Instagram then take a look !!

My Instagram link


My link to mug cakes & microwave hacks in my guides


as said I have lots of different guides with lots of recipes and videos on them .. I will get them on here eventually!. But it’s finding the time around work ! Xxx

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