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Back to Basics after a Christmas indulgence!!...

I had decided to take Christmas off ,so I was expecting a gain ( mainly the water weight i lost the very first week ) .. So here I go with my Back to basics bootcamp !...

Hey everyone!..

Hope you are all ok !.. it’s been a bit of a funny year hasn’t it !?!?.., and I’m sure if your like me , it hasn’t really helped massively with the healthy eating !.. You Tried really hard , but life kept throwing curveballs and it wasn’t quite 100%



Well .. from the 1st of January 2021 until my 45 th Birthday ( in February ) I’m going to be doing a back to basics bootcamp , to finally reach my goal !...


So if you are wanting to join me , then feel free too !..

I will be making sure I stick to plan and I’ll be doing some recipes and videos to help ( hopefully!) along the way !..

So I’ll be stocking up with my @exante products along with @lodough and @eatlean, @skinnyfoodco and @barenakednoodles.. to help me on my way !..

I’ll be weighing in on 1st January ( to see the outcome of Christmas!) and getting back in the zone !!..


Dont forget I’ve got my discount code you can use when ever you want in my linktree.. and links also to my Instagram, YouTube, and my blog ( aswell as other discounts) ..

But the Exante one gets you 35 % off site wide ! just use KATE35 at checkout! Xx

. I will be answering all questions get and catching up aswell so feel free to message whenever you want ! We can do this together and I will be here every step of the way !!... ( as you have kept me going through out my whole journey.. I want to do the same too !!! Xx

my linktree with discounts ...



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