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Apple “donuts”

So tasty !!

And you can make them with sugar free chocolate if you want !

Chocolate apple "Jubilee donuts".

‘I thought I’d show these , incase you were looking for a “healthier treat “for a party !

These are so good!

A Healthier treat using sugar free chocolate ( if that’s what you want to use ) and an apple !

I called them jubilee donuts as I've done

them red, white & blue as they are going to be

for a jubilee party !

- just core an apple

and slice into thick rings , melt your chocolate of choice (I used sugar free) and sprinkle with

dip apple and put on parchment paper

decorate and chill !..

Once hardened, keep in fridge until you want to munch 😬

I thought I’d share on here , as if your having a celebration this wee.. and your wanting to stay a little bit healthier.. they are a good option!

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