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Apple crumble cake

An @exantediet packhack ...

@exantediet Apple crumble & custard sponge pudding with @skinnyfoodco maple syrup...

I had some calories left to use .. so this was it today .. a gorgeous hug in a bowl ( very needed aswell !)

10g egg white protein (33 calories & 0.5g carbs)

1x Exantediet apple crumble ( 205 calories & 19g carbs )

5g Myprotein rolled oats 18 calories & 2.7g carbs )

1/2 small chopped apple ( 25 calories & 7g carbs )

@skinnyfood maple syrup

Totals 286 calories & 30.1g carbs

Mix apple crumble mix with the egg white powder and add 150ml boiling water slowly and mix Thoughly with whisk .. ( add more water if necessary.. as you go you want a cake batter consistency)

In the meantime chop up apple ( leaving a bit for decoration) and put in bottom of baking dish and microwave for 1 min to soften slightly..

Then put on some @skinnyfoodco maple syrup and the top with “cake” batter .. then decorate with last of apple , and 5g rolled oats ( pop a sprinkle of @nkd brown sweetner on top )

Cook in oven at 170 for 15-20 mins ( until sponge like ! )

Hope your all having a fantastic day , I’ll be catching up later after I’ve caught my breath ( I’ve not a good day at all ! , but I’ve stayed on plan !.. YAY !!! Xx 😘 Lol )

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