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Anyone remember how to get dressedup , do makeup and hair !?..

Trying to think about how to live life after lockdown!!..

Thought I’d do a #sidebysidesunday

I’m heading out this morning ( only briefly ) .. but thought I’d try an old dress on that I had altered , ( I loved this dress and didn’t want to get rid of it !... )


I Thought I’d better start getting used to more people about !.. I’m not used to being dressed up , as for a while now , during winter & lockdown it’s been leggings and jumpers again , not much makeup and just got out of bed hair !!.. , as I haven’t bumped into too many people going to work and home ..

Anyone been the same !.. ???

So as it’s sunny today , and Scotland is starting to open up a wee bitty from tomorrow, I’m thinking I might wear it ! ?!...

Now just to put some makeup on and do something with my hair !!...


( anyone remember how to do that !?!?...

I’m Asking for a friend!?... lol ... I could end up looking like a clown !!


Then this afternoon it’s more work at home to finish the decking!... ( at least I’ll burn some calories!...

Anyway ... hope you all have a fantastic day in the sunshine ☀️ !


I’ll be posting more recipes on here later and a vcouple of tips and blogs..

Hope your all staying strong , and remembering your awesomeness!!

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