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Anyone love chaffles !?!?!?

I do !!!!

@eatlean tasty #chaffles


Ohh meeee !!!

This was … Absolutely gorgeous !!!

It was my low calorie & low carb meal last night I thought I’d show …

I have seen these being made over & over again, but I had never tried myself..

Until yesterday!..

I got home for a early dinner as I had to take my Missy moops bulldog for a checkup at the vets to make sure she’s improving…

..And so far she is , so for the moment it’s good news ! …

So I made one of these !…

A ham and cheese #chaffle , made out of the new @eatlean tasty cheese. !!

It was so easy to make too ! .. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before..

I mixed an egg with some of the NEW @eatlean tasty cheese ( sooo goood ) with some salt & pepper and popped it in my #waffle maker ..

Then once cooked though & browned I put some @aldiuk lean ham in between with another sprinkle of @eatlean cheese ..

It was absolutely INCREDIBLE !!

Low carb & calorie too !

Have you any good #chafflerecipes as I think I’m converted and I was wondering if there are any others out there or sweet ones maybe ???…



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