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All laid bare ..:

An honesty post ❤️

All laid bare ❤️

Sorry ,long post , but I wanted to share !

I’m On my coffee break thinking about the year I’ve had!

As you know I’ve been on my journey a while , head down and going for it I even started to maintain for over a year (yay me )

Then … ( like a lot of us )

I hit some speed bumps , some curveballs that completely side swiped me actually and as I’m only human ,I fell off !

The wheels fell off my plan !

I wasn’t taking as much notice of anything and I stopped my exercise for a bit .

I was grieving , having to hold it together and dealing with alot of emotions ,so , I eased up and got off plan to deal with what I was going through .

And inevitably ,I gained 😕,not much in the great scheme of things , I know ( just over 2 stone) & considering how much I had lost previously ,not bad but it was enough to make me feel bad , to feel like I’d failed miserably, to feel awful.

And others have said the same .

All I can say is ,



I’ve heard alot of people say it .. they feel like they have failed.


Your just on a detour,you only fail if you give up !

Remember how AMAZING you are !


It’s easier said then done , I know , as we are all dealing with our own demons & curveballs of life we are going through,but be proud of yourself , & be kinder too as your still here , still trying , day by day ,taking one day at a time .

And that is the most important thing !

Some days will be better than others

Life happens , it gets messy ,it’s how we deal with it that counts !

But the pure fact that your still here is AMAZING!

I’m not 100% on plan over Christmas, I partake in bits & bobs .

But as soon as January hits I’ll be taking my own advice and getting back into the groove ,to get more active & back on my journey,as I’m still determined to get to my goal !

It was just a detour en route !

If you want to join me in January, then do ,we can keep ourselves motivated together!

I’ll be updating on here and doing lives , and day to day interactions.. as it helps me massively and it may help others xx

Remember ..


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