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A whole new wardrobe awaits !

It’s fun to turn Your old clothes into something new !!

As it’s #secondhandwardrobeweek .. And I’m in real need to find my inner smile at the moment!!...

(Come on Kate , you can do it !!) ...

.. I thought I’d do a #throwbackthursday ..

Me at the start of my journey on @exantediet , me a few months Into my journey & me this week !!..


I couldn’t fit the red top on in first picture and I was so sad ... Then I was so excited to get it on in second picture !! .. and now I’m wearing it as a dress !!!!..

. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’m 45 in 6 days time .. and is it strange that I finally feel like I’m ready to start my life ?!?!! Lol ...


If your on your own journey.... no matter which one it is or what your doing .. Stick with it!...


It will change your life !!


And also get you a whole new wardrobe!! 😜😜😘


And ALWAYS remember how Awesome you are .. every single day ! Xx


( it is the same top xx .. just different light on pictures!❤️)

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