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A reel on Instagram I’d love to share as it is how I feel ...

I have lots of reels on Instagram and YouTube... but I wanted to share this one .. it was made to cheer me up and keep me going

Sometimes a little something like this , can get you out of that rut , cheer you on and make you remind yourself how far you have come ..

it would be great if you followed me in Instagram too XX


The reel is better to watch on there with the music , as it really made me Cry happy tears xxx


here is my Instagram link if you would like to follow

It really would mean the world

Kate x


... I know I’ve already put a picture up today .. but my hubster just sent me this to cheer me up !!


He knows I’ve had a tough few days and just needed that virtual hug ... (nothing major .. just life & those pesky curveballs it throws you sometimes!)


Sometimes something like this , can change your whole day ! Xx


.. he told me to remind myself of how far I have come on @exantediet ... and that my journey is not over !..



.. and I’m looking forward to the rest of it !!


So just to pass it on , to everyone struggling on here , or trying their very best , but feeling low , We can find our smile ... we deserve to find our happy, no matter what that happy may be ! Xx


I will get to answer all the lovely comments over the last couple days , I promise! X..

As the support and the community on here means the world to me , it doesn’t matter which path we are taking , I love the fact that we are all one big team !


.I’ve made sometime this weekend to get to them all ( it’s been so buisy my end. I’ve been trying to find the time !)

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