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A new YouTube video

Itโ€™s on my Instagram aswell on igtv if you prefer!



I went out and fed my Dolphins today , after a couple of weeks of ignoring them ( endorphins)

( please excuse the sweaty no make up look ! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Anyone else been ignoring them and been naughty like me !??..)

Well Iโ€™m out and about today ..

.. and Iโ€™m nattering about how itโ€™s been more difficult lately and Iโ€™ve not been exercising as much and how Iโ€™ve given myself a boot up the bum and Iโ€™m getting back in the zone of my @exantediet journey & chasing my final goal of -11st off !

And Iโ€™m counting down the days until the gym opens up !.. ( 6 now !)!

.. oh how Iโ€™ve missed swimming!!!

Hope you are all ok & having a great day !

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