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A low carb continental style breakfast ?...

Or any time of day ....

A continental kinda breakfast !... keto style ....

You know , I hate waste ..

So... yesterday i made these !..

I was making some low carb bread rolls for burgers today ( as it’s supposed to be warm & sunny 🌞🤞🤞🤞🤞☀️)

..and had some mixture left. ( as you do sometimes) ...


And I always used to love a continental breakfast pastry I thought I’d try ...

They are not flakey like the buttery versions .. but the taste is gorgeous!.. and slightly warmed , with my morning brew .. totally yum !!!

I had made 6 burger buns with original mixture.. ( I’m having one later on the bbq !!) ..and I also got 6 of these ...

So it was half the original recipe mixture ( recipe is in highlights under protein bread )

I used 6 x egg whites

3x egg yolks

25g of @myprotein egg white powder

1x tbsp sweetner


6x egg whites ( 102 calories)

3x egg yolks ( 165 calories)

25g @myprotein egg white powder ( 84 calories & 1.3g carbs )

So I got the end bit of mixture & just mixed in the sweetener (gently whisked ) & added 20g @hollandandbarrett no added sugar chocolate drops ..5g to each bit of the mixture !..

(So an extra 168 calories & 7.8 g carbs)

Totals roughly..

519 calories 9.1g carbs

86 calories & 1.5g carbs each .. ( approximately as it was leftovers I used !.. )

Next time I’ll make them just for them !..

METHOD FOR BASIC RECIPE IS IN MY HIGHLIGHTS AT TOP OF MY GRID on Instagram ..UNDER “protein bread “☝️☝️☝️) xx or a couple posts back on here !

Very yum !!...

I’m going to try & enjoy some sunshine today ( it can be rare up hear !)

Hope you do too !

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