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A little update…

Thought I’d say a quick hello!

A little update as I’ve been AWOL …

( I’m sorry 💕.. , but I’m emotionaly drained at the moment, dealing with a difficult time in life , but I promise I’ll be back soon tho xx )

But , I’ve been messaged a lot over some recipes and tips , advice and info ..

And as I haven’t had time to share on here yet xx

I thought I’d Just a little link that will help , if you have Instagram.. ( as it’s all on there … recipes, videos , tips..) I’ve recently updated all my recipes, tips & tricks on there ..

And I’ve put a lot in my guides .. I’m also going to be popping them on my blog too ..( link at top of page )

But in the meantime.. here is the link to my Instagram xx

Sorry I’m not on much at the moment, but I’m dealing with a bit of a difficult time at the moment .. and I’m all over the place emotionally.. But I will be back on here full force soon tho xx


in the meantime, if you go over to Instagram, there is a section that looks like a book ( between the tv looking symbol and the person in a picture frame 🤪)

the guides section, under my bio and I’ve collaborated lots of posts together, that may help xx )

take care and I’ll be back on Monday xxx ( maybe before) but definitely by Monday! Xx

Here is the link to my Instagram xx


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