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A few Tips & tricks I’ve learnt about various meal replacement items

Just to share a few Things I’ve learnt throughout my journey..( incase its helpful)

I’ve written down and kept some Bits & Bobs Ive learnt from others along the way , that I thought may help ..

It could help whether your on meal replacements or some tips about general dieting , weightloss and healthy eating too ....

I know it helped me xxx

❤️ Drinking oxo, bovril, marmite, bouillon daily replaces salts that get flushed out and helps reduce ketosis symptoms. ( if your going into ketosis)

Split into two drinks, am pm.

❤️ The plans are nutritionally balanced to give you your daily allowance.


Don’t worry !... The blue specs in the packets are vitamins and minerals.

❤️ Get a good routine that suits your own lifestyle, routine is key ...


You can switch between plans to suit your circumstances.

❤️ Water is an important part of this process,

At least 2ltr is needed but 3-4 is better. It’s Good for transporting the vitamins & minerals around the body , it’s also good for skin and digestion.But you will get to know what works and how much is best for you .

❤️ If you do hit ketosis,alcohol shouldn't be consumed during ketosis as your body will take alcohol to the blood stream first which can be dangerous.


Shakes and packs can be made into cakes, pancakes, biscuits, mousse, bread ... The world is your lobster , just be mindful of what calories & carbs you add , and factor it in to your day ..

A tip is ,You can split the shakes or packs ... to Packhack , or use half half flavours . You can add coffee to them too !

You can have hot or cold.


porridge can be made into biscuits, cakes, baked oats Ect ..

❤️ The spaghetti, shepherd's pie & chilli, can be made into , meatballs, burgers , kebabs ...

( I have all recipes for them on my Instagram & blog .. )


Females , your Periods can change on a vlcd.

They're can be all over the place.


Estrogen gets released from cells.

So there can be a Higher risk of pregnancy.


It's not conventional food, but once you get into a routine, you will adapt to the flavours and textures. And your tastebuds can change


After a shake, you can use water to swirl around my mouth, or eat sugar free gum, to protect teeth and gums.

❤️ As I said , Tastes do change as you go through the diet, what you hate at first , you may learn to love. So, Don't listen to bad reviews see for yourself what you think .

❤️ With soups , mix with small bit water, mix into paste then add more boiling water or mix with cold then transfer to microwave bowl or pan. ( gets rid of lumps )


Bars can be heated for 10-20 seconds.

Or Chop up into pieces and graze on during day. It's less to deal with.


Use zero sauces & syrups & herbs, to add flavour to meals.


Sugar free hartleys jelly or flavoured water with gelatine added then poured into jelly moulds or takeaway tubs & cut up , so you have munchies for car, cinema, work etc.


Water enhancers from exante are malic acid , so citric free.

❤️ Most diet fizzy drinks have citric in, it can kick some people out of ketosis,( if that’s what your aiming for .. it's trial and error. The products already have citric in so its damage limitation. But people have said that if you're already in ketosis citric is unlikely to kick you out.( I haven’t a clue if that’s true or not !)

❤️ low carb snacks can be handy , to have in , if you need ..

Almonds, Brazils, eggs, pork scratching, jelly cubes , pieces of ham, chicken, turkey, cube cheese, baby bell light, olives, bean sprouts, slims .. (and probably a few more too .. I’ll add as I remember!)

❤️ Hair shredding can be a side effect of low calories. Hair feeding isn't a priority on a low calorie diet. It starts between month one to three but by the time you notice its already growing. Takes around six months after target to repair.

You can Use biotin capsules from eBay Amazon Holland Barratt supermarket or take some supplements from exante

But it does sort itself out ...


Try not to compare your losses with anyone else, it can be psychologically damaging. Everyone is built differently.


Weigh once a day, once a week or whatever keeps you motivated but don't become obsessed as this can cause you to fail and mess with your head. Weight fluctuates a lot due to increased water intake. Weight plateus.

Trust the process , it does work .


Use the mirror, clothes that are snug to gauge your losses, or take measurements as you could be losing inches instead of lbs


This is a very low calorie diet that can put you into mild state of ketosis, but it's not actually a keto diet.


Your first week loss is mostly water, its a false loss and should be accounted for at the end as you will put that amount on when you eat normally.

❤️ The plans are set out to teach us to lose weight and maintain. Starting on total, then introducing us to food with 800cal diet then flexi or 5:2.


After you reach target, you will keep the weight loss maintained if you adhere to portion control, select the right foods and move more.

...Don't get caught in the cycle and taking things for granted that you've lost weight you can eat and drink what you like or you'll go back to square one , and that will be hard work .. So try to Use exante as part of your life. Why not, its nutritious, cheap, easy. It doesn't have to end at target. ( I know it won’t with me ! )


Enjoy your journey and have fun with your diet or you won't succeed.


My favourite saying is

“You only fail if you stop trying. “


No question, is a silly question.. there will always be someone out there that can help ..


Try & use this diet to learn about yourself and your habits. When to recognise between real hunger, boredom & thirst.


Portion control is important.


If you are going to have off plan food, bargain with yourself. If you're going to eat a Chinese, Indian , pasty, pizza, go out for dinner you can , but remember to compensate it during the rest of the day / week , or make sure you move more and counteract it .


Remember that your Changing habits for a better healthier happier life.


Dont beat yourself up if you fall off plan , it can make things worse for mind & body .. just draw a line under it and get back on ASAP..

You are not the only one who has , we are all only human ... the trick is to get yourself back on it .. dust yourself off and carry on !

I’ll probably add more .. the more I remember them !

I really hope that this can help as much as it’s helped me !

Kate ❤️

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