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A Eureka moment!

Finally nailed the gooey chocolate pudding!!

I’ve finally perfected the @exantediet gooey chocolate pudding !! .. ( it’s taken me a while!! Lol xx I’ve only been trying 19 months !!! 🤣😂) ...


But ..YAY !!!!


I added 50 ml cold water and mixed Thoughly.. then put it in an old Christmas pudding container I saved from Xmas !.. (the plastic type ).. I was naughty and I put a teaspoon of @skinnyfoodco choc spread on top , poked it in a bit and covered with the mixture..

Put in microwave for 30 sec , stoped and checked , ( to see if it was still too wet or not ) it was , so I then popped it in for another 10 .. and it was just right



I can finally tick it of my list ! Lol .. 😂😝🤣


YUM !!!


Have a fantastic day ! and don’t forget I’ve got my links in linktree for all my bits !


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