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A Doible whammy Packhack

For me and me..( for me & Hubster .. I ment hubster !!!😂🤪)!

YUM ...

One for me and one for😌 . Oops , I ment to say the Hubster !! 😜... ( ..promise!!! 🤣😜!)

Me & the Hubster are in for a treat later ..

..Well .. it is #easterweek !!..

So I made this yesterday as I knew I’d want something, Quick , and Yummy for tea , after a@buisy day today at work and I’m attempting to sort out my Artroom to use again ,as I’ve let my hobby slide for way too long !!..

So for our tea we have got ....

Raspberry & chocolate mousse with a chocolate biscuit base !!

I halved a new @exantediet Dark chocolate & raspberry vegan layered bar ,( I chopped each half up and popped into a glass )

Then I mixed a @exantediet Rasberry brownie shake with 250 ml water & some mousse mix ( I used 10g of mousse mix to 250 ml liquid ( or you can use gelatine or vegi gel according to instructions)

Then I Poured half in each glass & let set ..


Perfect 👌

A Raspberry & chocolate mousse with a biscuit base ...


231 calories & 18.5g carbs each !


It’s like a mini cheesecake, without the guilt!( I’ll pop it in my cheesecake highlights at top of grid with all the others I’ve done ! 💓💓

I’m off to munch !!!


Hope you all have a fantastic rest Of the day!



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