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A bit of fun !!

It’s not always about the weight on the scales!...

And having a bit of fun 😜

Your Bodyshape changes so much .. it’s not always about the weight on the scales !.. Always check your measurements! Xx

I’ve now lost a total of 83 “ !!!- that’s just shy of 7ft !!

Things move up , tone up & definitely changes shape ! 😜😜😘)

So I really suggest you get your measurements written down so you can compare along the way ! .. it’s always good if you have a week of no movement or if your ever doubting the changes !

A physical change that you can see ...

Its all been a bit crazy at the moment in the world , and its all so unsettling... One thing we can take control is looking after ourselves, physically & emotionally... making ourselves happy with ourselves inside & out !...

So take charge, make the changes for yourself.. Go find your happy !!

Have a fab day & stay strong 💪💪

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