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A bit about me in the Skinny food co blog !!

It’s made me smile from ear to ear !!...

Hello 👋

I just wanted to share this , hope you don’t mind .. As this has given me the biggest smile today ...

And sometimes you just need that smile !...

As you know , I love to share my weightloss journey , with all its ups & downs , real life and day to day bits & bobs and also recipes and pack hacks I’ve used along the way ..

I’m a great believer , that on this journey we are on , we are all in it together, no matter what plan .. and we all can help each other by sharing our stories , help , inspiration , recipes and tips ❤️

Well , This is a little bit about my weightloss journey on the @skinnyfoodco page ❤️

I absolutely love using the @skinnyfoodco products..and as I always say to people, using their products alongside my weightloss journey has helped me cook & create gorgeous recipes & stay healthy at the same time .. it enables me to make recipes and guilt free versions of what I love to cook & eat ..

As I do think it’s important to be able to have just a little bit of what you like , but just a healthier option!..

Anyway .. i just wanted to share it as it’s made me have my Friday smile !...

I’ll pop link to it in my stories on my Instagram if you do want to see xx

( hopefully I’ll get it right !)


or it’s on the skinny food page succes stories !( I’ll try and see how to share that on here !!?!?!??.. )


if you haven’t got Instagram

this might of done it ...


Have a fantastic day !..

and I really mean that ! Xxx


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