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90 second Weetabix & Exante mug cake

Really quick to do !

Microwave mug cake with a twist ..

Well as I’m on my Christmas countdown now and trying to get my little bit of stress gain off .. I wanted to start off with a bang …

I’ve been on plan since the start of 100 day countdown , and I knew today would be a challenge as I had an extra early start for work & then home for #brunch before heading out again ..

I wanted a Packhack in a hurry & to stay focused & be on plan ..

And as my kitchen is not quite ready , microwaved it had to be !

So I did a microwave mug cake with a twist ..

.. And ..

…OMG ..

…it was GOOD 🤤

I used 1/2 pack @exantediet shake pack .. (100 calories & 9g carb)

And half a crumbled @weetabixofficial ( about 2 spoonfuls) 34 calories & 7g carb)

1/2 Tsp baking powder

1x egg (66 calories)

2 x large spoonfuls of (20g ish )@grahamsthefamilydairy skyr yogurt (13 calories & 0.7g carb)

2 drops @exantediet vanilla flavour drops

Handful blueberries

5g @skinnyfoodco hazelnut milky chocoholic spread ( 26 calories & 2.7g carb)!

Roughly 239 calories & 19.4 g carbs of yum !

Mix all dry ingredients together in a microwaveable mug , then mix in egg and flavour drops .

Then mix in yogurt slowly to get cake consistency, then stir in @skinnyfoodco chocaholic spread and blueberries..

Pop in microwave for 90 seconds ( stop it every 30 seconds and look , it helps with consistency)

I topped mine with a dollop yogurt and a couple of blueberries 😬

I’ve got lots of recipes to pop up this week on my blog & grid as I’ve got to play catch-up on here as I haven’t been on .. but I’ll get there !

So my positives so far .. is my mind set is finally right & I’m raring to go !!

But , more importantly, How’s everyone else doing ?

here is the reel on Instagram..


and here is the video


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