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600 th day since finding Exante !!

It’s an anniversary for me today !!..


It’s Day 11 Backtobasics today for me and it’s my ....600th DAY since finding @exantediet !!

How are you all doing ??...


But .. OMG !! 600 th day !?!?...


That’s got to be an Anniversary of somekind hasn’t it !?!... ???????


🎊 🎈 🎉

Never did I think I’d last a week let alone this long !!!..


I’m just over 10st down since my starting weight and hoping to get my -11st off badge before I go and renew my vows this year !!


Everything is crossed !

I’m so happy & a little bit proud of myself so far and I feel so much healthier!! ..

I feel like a New Woman!!

...Last year wasn’t quite what I planned!( I don’t think any of us did ,did we. !?..) But I’m determined to knuckle down and do it this year !..

Chasing my goal & thanks to everyone on here and all the inspiration , I’m more confident than ever of achieving it 🤞🤞🤞❤️! Xx

All I can say is , Keep at it !.. stay strong !.. it really can change your life !!..


And I can’t thank the whole weightloss community enough on here , no matter what plan you are on ,as seeing everyones amazing strength and inspirational journeys ,really is what really keeps you going !!


Have a fantastic day !!

And remember how Awesome you are ! Xx

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