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3 ingredient “Nicecream”

Low calorie

3 ingredient Tropical “Nicecream”…

Less than 200 calories a bowl! xx


Bananas for my #brunch calories today , in the shape of a gorgeous cold bowl of #nicecream 🥰

It’s the weather for it , and I’m making the most of the sunshine ☀️

It was absolutely lush !

In my blender, I mixed a large frozen banana , 100g @fage_uk total yogurt a splash of @alpro milk ( add just a little as you can always add more if needed ) and an @exantediet tropical burst ( if it’s too thick , then just loosen with a splash more milk )

And got the most smooth creamy healthy “ice cream” ( nicecream ) bowl ever !

As I’m concentrating on my holidays at the end of the year .. it gave me that desert island , beach paradise feeling!

Lovely 😊

I’m off out this afternoon for a beach visit .. so I thought I’d eat now ( and hopefully not dive into a Icecream later ! 😂)


How is everyone doing ?

Hope everyone is ok ?

Don’t forget I’ve got my discount code you can use at Exante anytime you like !

Just enter KATESLOSINGIT at the checkout!

Here is link !

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