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Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Well I just had to pop this on ... Today I Hit my -100lb off milestone!!!

Ive been wanting this one a while !

The day I started Exante, I was at 22st 6.5lb Today I’m sitting at 15st 4lb !!!!! - so I actually did it !!!! I got the -100lb off Badge !!!(perhaps I should make one !? Lol)

I’m very Excited!! I have been happy dancing all over the place today as it’s a milestone, that when I started, I never really thought I would get, I wanted it.... and just knew I had to get to it (and more !), but never truly believed I would !

At one point it seemed so unobtainable to me - like it was too much of a mountain to climb,

but today I went and ticked that milestone off.

this has made me so happy I could burst ! ....

I’ve had so many kind & lovely comments on the @exante official page (that I’m a very proud member of ) that it really hits home at what I have just achieved, I’m feeling very thankful and feels like I could actualy do anything I put my mind to now !!

So I’m sitting here very thankful that I found Exante and the group when I did, as it’s changed my life for the better !!!

If you are on your own journey, don’t give up, stay strong ! You will amaze yourself! You really will! Much love

Kate xx

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